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Selling in San Dimas, CA.

Selling my home of 25 years.

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  Second Geological Survey?

My home was in escrow but the buyer (or buyer's agent) requested a second geological survey and wanted us to pay $1,200 for it. We said no.

15 years ago, the living room wasn't level so we had a geological survey done and had the foundation raised and leveled off by a professional company.

My question is what will a ... See More

1 Comment - 31 months ago by TodayWeBuy
Hi Roger,

I talked with an agent about your question. The agent said a lot could change to the foundation and the buyer's agent was doing his due diligence to provide the buyer a peace of mind.

That said ... As the seller, I too would not have paid $1,200 at your cost to check if there were any foundation problems with your home. Chances are pretty slim there will be any new issues found to begin with. But if there are foundation problems uncovered, the buyer would most likely walk away from purchasing your home and you would then need to disclose the foundation problems to the next buyer.

This is similar to the asbestos ceiling issue found in older homes. Everyone may suspect that the ceilings are asbestos and as such, is a hazard to anyone living there. But it's only if the ceiling is tested and confirmed to be asbestos is the seller required to disclose their ceilings are actually asbestos.

Good luck in finding a new buyer!

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Selling in San Dimas, CA.
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