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  SB 50 - What do you think?

California has 358 homes per 1000 people and ranks 49th in units per people only behind Utah. The average price for a home in California is over $600K. In S.F., the average price is $1.6M.

SB 50 would override local building restrictions ...
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  Second Geological Survey?

My home was in escrow but the buyer (or buyer's agent) requested a second geological survey and wanted us to pay $1,200 for it. We said no.

15 years ago, the living room wasn't level so we had a geological survey done and had ...
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  Looking for 5 bedroom 3 bath in LA

Does anyone have a listing for a 5 bedroom 3 bath ranch style home in the outskirts of LA? Client is motivated. Thanks.

Clarification - 5th bedroom can be an office.

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