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  What are the advantages of using Virtual Reality for listings?

Virtual Reality (VR) has a lot of WOW factor!

Unlike a photo which provides a rectangular window showing a property, VR allows the buyer to look in any direction and see the entire property. The buyer can look up, down, left, or right, just as though they are onsite.

VR photos are very clear with 24 MBs per photo.

VR also supports video. This allows the buyer to see the entire property as though they are at an open house. The clarity is still good, but not as sharp as a photo. supports both VR photos and video tours today. To take VR photos, you need a 360 degree camera, like an Ricoh Theta or Insta360. We have used both of these cameras.

To view a VR photo or video, you'll need VR googles.

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