Second Geological Survey?

My home was in escrow but the buyer (or buyer's agent) requested a second geological survey and wanted us to pay $1,200 for it. We said no.

15 years ago, the living room wasn't level so we had a geological survey done and had the foundation raised and leveled off by a professional company.

My question is what will a ... See More

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Hi Roger,

I talked with an agent about your question. The agent said a lot could change to the foundation and the buyer's agent was doing his due diligence to provide the buyer a peace of mind.

That said ... As the seller, I too would not have paid $1,200 at your cost to check if there were any foundation problems with your home. Chances are pretty slim there will be any new issues found to begin with. But if there are foundation problems uncovered, the buyer would most likely walk away from purchasing your home and you would then need to disclose the foundation problems to the next buyer.

This is similar to the asbestos ceiling issue found in older homes. Everyone may suspect that the ceilings are asbestos and as such, is a hazard to anyone living there. But it's only if the ceiling is tested and confirmed to be asbestos is the seller required to disclose their ceilings are actually asbestos.

Good luck in finding a new buyer!

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  Save money. Bring a marble to your next Open House.

When visiting an open house, place a marble on the laminate or hardwood floor to see if the marble rolls downhill. This may indicate a foundation problem which usually is very expensive to fix and can cause doors and cabinets not to close.

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  Working4Home Idea #1: AT&T Smart Call Blocker

Are you tired getting robo calls while WORKING from home?

Having worked at home for the last 15 years, Working4Home highly recommends the AT&T Smart Call Blocker phones. These phones are the bomb and worth every dollar!

When you are robo called, these phones answer the call and ask the caller to state their name and hit the # ... See More
AT&T Smart Call Block Phones

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In case you're wondering, we don't make any money if you buy these phones. We're just making you aware of this product and why we like them.
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Thanks for the info. I dislike ROBO CALLS!

John Dee · 34M
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  It's Getting Harder to Qualify for a Mortgage

COVID-19 has reduced the number of homes for sale. While interest rates are the lowest in 50 years, trying to get a mortgage is getting harder.

Lenders are increasing the FICO scores required and the down payment amount expected to get a loan.

As found in the link below:

"Mortgage credit supply dropped again in ... See More
Mortgage Credit Availability Index

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  Mortgage Rates Hit Another All-Time Low

Mortgage rates have hit another record low due to a late summer slowdown in the economic recovery. These low rates have ignited robust purchase demand activity, which is up twenty-five percent from a year ago and has been growing at double digit rates for four consecutive months. However, heading into the fall it will be difficult to sustain the ... See More
Freddie Mac Rates

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  California Prop. 15, 19, and 21 Deal With Real Estate

Prop. 15 - Commercial Property Tax

Proposition 15 would assess property tax at market value rates for commercial and industrial properties phased in over a 3 year period that are over $3 million in holdings. $12.5 Billion dollars would go to local governments and K-12 schools if passed. This proposition was placed on the ballot by ... See More

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  Looking for 5 bedroom 3 bath in LA

Does anyone have a listing for a 5 bedroom 3 bath ranch style home in the outskirts of LA? Client is motivated. Thanks.

Clarification - 5th bedroom can be an office.

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  San Luis Obispo (SLO) County Real Estate Newsletter

SLO County’s recent trend indicates a flattening out in pricing. We have only seen a 0.9% increase in prices County wide since September 2018. The steam seems to be running out as buyer’s optimism falters with uncertainty towards the economy, the trade war, and an election year looming. There were 324 homes that closed escrow last month, ... See More

Median Sales Price in SLO

Closed Sales

Inventory Months Supply

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Nice article.
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  SB 1120 - Ends Single Family Zoning Throughout California

What's your view on SB 1120 now being considered by California Assembly?

SB 1120 would allow any home in California to be converted into a duplex or allow up to 4 homes where a single home exists today anywhere in California.

While the goal is to add additional and more affordable housing, which we agree with, this is not the ... See More

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Update to SB 1120: This bill died in the final three minutes of the California Senate.
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