Working4Home Idea #1: AT&T Smart Call Blocker

Are you tired getting robo calls while WORKING from home?

Having worked at home for the last 15 years, Working4Home highly recommends the AT&T Smart Call Blocker phones. These phones are the bomb and worth every dollar!

When you are robo called, these phones answer the call and ask the caller to state their name and hit the # sign. After hitting the # sign, the AT&T phone will ring with the caller id displayed.

What makes these phones the bomb are robo calls cannot state their name and press the # sign. As such, the AT&T phone NEVER RINGS.

Our phone, which rang multiple times throughout the day, went to nearly zero rings.

You can add callers to your good list (e.g., adding those who you work with so they don't have to state their name and press the # sign). There's a block list that blocks the phone numbers you enter too.

I can't overstate how great this phone is! I bought two different models, CL82207 and CLP99387, at Best Buy for around $65 and $120.

The only, I mean only, disadvantage is there is no 2.5mm headphone jack. The more expensive model supports Bluetooth connections. But Bluetooth headphones cost more than these phones.

However, I bought a telephone line splitter ($12) at Staples so I could connect my old Panasonic phone and new AT&T phone to the same phone line. It works great. The AT&T phone receives all calls and the Panasonic phone does not ring during this process. I can also make and receive calls using just the Panasonic phone while wearing my headset.

Right now on my AT&T phone's display it reads: "47 Missed Calls". Sorry, but I didn't miss any of those calls!

This is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED PRODUCT if you are Working4Home!

AT&T Smart Call Block Phones

2 Comments - 30 months ago by Professional John Dee
In case you're wondering, we don't make any money if you buy these phones. We're just making you aware of this product and why we like them.
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Thanks for the info. I dislike ROBO CALLS!

John Dee · 30M
Based in Camarillo, CA

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