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  SB 1120 - Ends Single Family Zoning Throughout California
What's your view on SB 1120 now being considered by California Assembly?

SB 1120 would allow any home in California to be converted into a duplex or allow up to 4 homes where a single home exists today anywhere in California.

While the goal is to add additional and more affordable housing, which we agree with, this is not the approach to take.

Why is it fair for your next door neighbor to convert their home into a duplex, add a granny flat, or put 4 homes where one home is today? This can completely change your neighborhood. Not only will your property likely drop in value, but more cars will be parked on the street, more people will live in close proximity, more noise, simply more of everything.

Instead, why not allow higher density housing:

  • Near public transportation like the Metro in LA, BART in SF, or the trolley in SD?
  • In designated areas within the city.
  • Along high traffic streets in the city.
  • For specified redevelopment areas.
  • For new developments.

Allowing an investor to buy any home in California in any neighborhood and replace it with a duplex or four homes in the middle of a traditionally single family residential neighborhood is far too extreme, ... even for California!

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Update to SB 1120: This bill died in the final three minutes of the California Senate.
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