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About TodayWeBuy
    TodayWeBuy is a social network for home buyers and sellers. Realtors®, agents, brokers, and professionals can participate. To our knowledge, TodayWeBuy is the first social media site specifically for home buyers and sellers.
About OpenHouseOn.com LLC
    Why wait 'til Sunday® to view open houses when OpenHouseOn.com supports 24x7 open house video tours anywhere across the United States and the world today? By typing in the city, state or zip code, OpenHouseOn.com will query and locate all open houses in its database and on Oodle.com. So regardless of whether your next property is in Boston, Miami, or San Francisco, OpenHouseOn.com can locate and list properties for sale.

    OpenHouseOn.com is the first real estate web site designed from the ground up to support video tours, including our U.S. Patented Interactive Open House Video Tours where the buyer decides what to view next on a video tour or virtual reality video tour.

    OpenHouseOn.com generates its revenue by selling targeted zip code ads to real estate agents and professionals, as well as selling national, state, and citywide advertisements.

    Welcome to OpenHouseOn.com, a new, innovative way for buyers and agents to view and market real estate.
Investor Relations
    Investors and potential partners interested in OpenHouseOn.com can contact support4u@OpenHouseOn.com. Our five page OpenHouseOn.com LLC Business Summary is available to accredited investors.
+1 Software Engineering LLC
    OpenHouseOn.com was designed and implemented by +1 Software Engineering LLC, a leader in the software engineering field. +1's past clients include Bank of the West, Wells Fargo Bank, BSI Financial, Kanbay International, and others.

    Computers supporting OpenHouseOn.com are located in Camarillo, CA and San Francisco, CA. Both the primary web server and database server are cloud-based, allowing OpenHouseOn.com to add additional CPUs, memory, disk space, and bandwidth as needed. Only solid state drives (SSDs) are used to support a significantly faster web site. OpenHouseOn.com has been tested to run on most web browsers, tablets, and smartphones.

    Learn more about +1 Software Engineering at http://plus1se.com.
Intellectual Property
    Questions regarding our Terms of Use, Patents, Registered Trademarks, Trademarks, and Copyrights can be directed to Mr. Robert Lerma, Intellectual Property Attorney, http://rlerma.com.
Terms of Use
    Use of OpenHouseOn.com Web Site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use. Please read our Terms of Use before using OpenHouseOn.com.
    The United States Patent Office has awarded OpenHouseOn.com LLC United States Patent 9,076,184 titled METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR ENCHANCING OPEN HOUSE VIDEO TOURS FOR REAL ESTATE PROPERTIES.

    In addition to the above patent, OpenHouseOn.com LLC submitted an application titled METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR TEMPORAL-BASED SHOWS FOR REAL ESTATE PROPERTIES.

    Those who build web sites similar to OpenHouseOn.com LLC or provide services or products similar to our claims or any of our alternative embodiments should contact us to ensure they do not violate our patent claims. As required by the United States Patent Office, OpenHouseOn.com LLC will vigorously enforce our patent claims.
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