How To Send An Open House Agent Blast

An Agent Blast lets you send up to 2,500 emails to other agents and members. Local agents are selected using up to five zip codes you specify. The first zip code is where the property is located and the other four are usually for areas that surround the property for sale.

There are three types of Agent Blasts:

* New Listing Agent Blast
* Open House Agent Blast
* Price Drop Agent Blast

After you add you new listing, you can schedule a New Listing Agent Blast. This will introduce up to 2,500 agents and our members about your property.

An Open House Agent Blast sends up to 2,500 emails about your open house. You need to set the date of the open house, the start and end time (1pm-4pm is the default), and who will be hosting the open house.

You also need to set the date and hour (10am is the default) as to when you want to send the Open House Agent Blast. Usually you would send the blast the day before the open house or in the morning when the open house will be held. When your done, click on the Add Open House Entry to add your entry.

Under Agent Blast Open House Schedule, you can click on SEND TEST BLAST. This will send only one email to you so you can see what your agent blast will look like (before the actual agent blast is sent out).

The Price Drop Agent Blast informs other agents and members that there has been a price reduction for the property.

On the day of the open house, we also send out hourly tweets from 8 AM to 2 PM to Twitter and TodayWeBuy to promote your open house.

To send an Open House Agent Blast, select Open House under the Agent Blast column, as seen in the first figure.

Next, set the date, times, and hosting agent for the open house. And then the date as to when you would like the Agent Blast to be sent out.

Just remember, the Agent Blast date has to be BEFORE or ON the date when the open house will be held. ;-)

Agent Blasts are currently only supported in California. Let us know if you would like to send Agent Blasts in other states.

Happy Blasting!

Under Agent Blasts, Select What type of Blast to Send

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