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How To Use TodayWeBuy

Here are some quick hints on how to use TodayWeBuy.

Across the top of the TodayWeBuy home page we see:
  • Home - Displays all posts.

  • Neighbors - View posts written by your neighbors. To follow/unfollow, click on the person's photo and then follow/unfollow button. To become neighbors, click Be Neighbors. An email is sent to them to accept your offer.

  • City Posts - View local posts. For buyers and sellers, these posts will be from the zip codes you list in your profile. For agents, these posts will be from the cities you support.

  • Top Posts - Most recently written posts.

  • Agent Shows - Agents can create Agent Shows on and post them to TodayWeBuy.

  • News - Real estate news at a local, state, or national level. Press releases can be found here too.

  • Q&A - Questions and Answers. General questions asked with answers submitted as replies. You can click List Questions once selected.

  • Tips - General tips for buying or selling.

  • More ... - Clicking More ... displays the following options:

  • Current Topics ... - Lists current topics to choose from, like Mortgage Rates.

  • Audios/Podcasts - Listen to mp3 audio files.

  • Most Liked Posts - Posts with the most likes are displayed first.

  • Office Shows - Offices can create Office Shows on and post them to TodayWeBuy.

  • Open Houses - Lists open houses.

  • - View website.

  • Pinned Posts - Displays only pinned posts.

  • Videos - Lists posts containing videos.

  • Contact - How to contact TodayWeBuy.
Search TodayWeBuy allows you to search the contents of TodayWeBuy, such as a user alias (e.g., @openhouseon), an address, or any string.

Search City, State By entering any city, state or zip code in the USA, allows you to search for properties using

? Displays this helpful page. If you're new to, you can watch the short video tutorial found at the top of this page.

Login Displays login page where you can:

Sign In
To login, you can enter either your alias and password or your email address and password. Aliases begin with the @ sign.

Sign Up
To sign up as a buyer or seller, click Buyer/Seller Sign Up. To sign up as a real estate agent, broker, or a professional (e.g., mortgage, escrow, electrician), click on Agent/Professional Sign Up.

Be Our Guest
Allows you to visit without logging in but with limitations.

When Logged In
Click on Messages, Notifications, or Zip Code Ads to view your messages, notifications, and running zip code ads.

For posts, click:
  • heart icon to like the post,
  • reply icon to submit a reply to post,
  • photo or name to view profile of poster,
  • Email to send email to poster,
  • Text to send a text message (sometimes displayed),
  • Message to send a message to poster, and
  • Be Neighbors to become a neighbor with poster.
When you make a Be Neighbors request, an introductory email of your profile will be sent to poster. If your request is accepted, you become neighbors with poster on TodayWeBuy.

To view a user's profile, click on the user's photo or name. You can then click:
  • @alias to send user a message,
  • Email, Message, or Be Neighbors,
  • Number under posts to display user's posts,
  • Number under following to display who user follows,
  • Number under followers to display who follows user,
  • Follow (to follow user) or Unfollow (to unfollow user)
  • View agent's or professional's profile page.
On the right hand side, you can:
  • Add Post - Add a new post.

  • My Posts - View your posts.

  • Instant Agent - Let's buyers and sellers select a city and request an agent to contact them within an hour during normal business hours. This option is only seen by buyers and sellers.

  • My Profile - View your profile page.

  • Edit Profile - Edit your profile.

  • Invite Neighbors - Invite other members to be your neighbor.

  • Invite By Email - Using email, invite anyone to join
For My Posts, you can:
  • Edit - Edit the title and text for post.

  • Delete - Delete post.

  • Pin - Pin post. The pinned post will be the first post when your profile is viewed by others.

  • Make Post an Ad - Changes post to be an advertisement for the city and state specified. You must have at least one paid zip code ad in the city, state to make a regular post into an ad. Your ad will be displayed towards the top of the posts for city posts.

  • Post # displays the number of the post.
Contact TodayWeBuy to make your post a national ad.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

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