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 Homebuyers can take steps to entice sellers
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 Proposition 15
 California Proposition 15
 Private Mortgage Insurance: One Strategy That Can Benefit You!
 VIRTUAL OPEN HOUSE: 28649 Sunridge Court, Menifee
 Does the seller and/or agent have to disclose problems?
 Home Prices Rise 12.1% Even With COVID-19
 California Prop. 15, 19, and 21 Deal With Real Estate
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At the Dwell on Design at the Los Angeles Convention Center, American Standard demonstrated a very unique kitchen faucet. Watch short video for demo.
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Become neighbors with other buyers, sellers, and agents in your local area on TodayWeBuy with similar interests. Uncover potential buying opportunities first.
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Search for properties anywhere in the USA. By typing in the address, city, you can view maps and street views of properties you may be interested in or view as comps.
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Tips like placing marbles on the floor to see if they roll to one side, which can be due to foundation problems costing thousands to fix.
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Have one, and only one, local agent call you to answer your questions without any further commitment. Our goal is to respond to your Instant Agent request within one hour.

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